Imagine instead that you’re able to tell a captivating story and use it to make a specific point, confidently and easily, whenever you need to!


That would be awesome right!? It would..


>>  Help you explain and relate technical topics to others


>> Transform your ability to engage and connect with an audience


>>  Make you a more interesting and memorable presenter


>>  Improve your ability to influence behaviour change and decision making


>>  Elevate you as a speaker and boost your confidence


Capturing the attention of, or influencing stakeholders just got a whole lot easier (and way more fun),

with the Captivating Storyteller Program. 

What results can you expect? 

My presentation went from very factual and instructive to engaging and story driven. The feedback I've received has been awesome” – Jason


Emily emphasises storytelling to engage an audience; and encouraged me to tell mine openly and honestly.


I’m excited to have these new skills and to look forward to speaking opportunities – who would have thought!"


– Antony

"Emily transformed me from a nervous wreck with a 5 slide presentation, to a confident presenter, aligned with my story and message.


Since then I have had further speaking requests both to groups and on podcasts."


– Stephanie

My discussions with Emily on how to word and explain what I did have proved immensely valuable in developing a concrete and clear narrative that I can give to any audience – be it one person or hundreds."


- James

"Our leadership team are now more confident articulating our vision and bringing our people on the journey with us." – Ilia


"Emily is an excellent storyteller, and her own stories motivated me to adopt and follow a structured process to build a presentation” - Gijo




Hi, I'm Emily Edgeley. A Toastmasters Competent Communicator and Toastmasters Advanced Storyteller who's been running Storytelling Workshops since 2016.


Storytelling literally changed my life. It transformed me from a bullet point speaking, boring presenter, to someone who uses stories regularly to entertain and persuade. It allowed me to travel to China and India and led me to the career I have now. 


To date, I’ve worked with more than a thousand people in tech like yourself and taught them the the art of storytelling. It’s the most popular thing I get asked to coach people on and the thing that gives me the biggest buzz to share. Because it’s such a super power!

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