When starting out to improve my own public speaking, I learnt so much from observing and learning from others. Whether it was at Toastmasters or simply watching others present at an event. It gave me ideas for things I could emulate, but also helped me to experience first hand what things failed to engage and influence me and how that felt.


Then, in my first year of business, I was asked to coach various groups of people as they prepped for Conferences in the Tech and Security space. This reinforced for me how powerful a group dynamic was, as I could see they weren't just learning from me, they were also very much learning from each-other. 


In 2019, I was asked by people if they could join my Group Coaching Programs and as they had always been run for Conference organisers or Corporates and were restricted in terms of who they catered for, I couldn't extend the applications out. 


So it made sense to create my own Group Coaching Program, that would be fully open to the public - and here it is! 


I've designed this Program for you to become more interesting, engaging and persuasive when presenting at work. With these new found skills, you will learn to enjoy the process of presenting and gain more confidence to take on talks outside work


Who is this for?


This is for people in mid-level technical roles, who either don’t feel great about presenting or don’t feel they’re as effective as they could be. It’s ideal for people who like to learn from doing, as well as observing and learning from others. 


How is it run?


This is an interactive online group coaching experience, run over an 8 week period (first intake will be 13th July to 6th Sep). There will be weekly 1hr live streams (including time for Q&A), hosted by me, over Zoom. Each week we tackle a new public speaking skill and there’s 8 weekly Challenges, where you put these skills into practise.



What's included?

  • 8 x Weekly 60min Live Streams + Q&A Sessions (via Zoom)

  • 8 x Weekly Challenges

  • 6 x Core Modules + Worksheets

  • 2 x Chances to Present

  • 2 x Formal Speaker Assessments

  • + 2 x BONUS 30min Private Coaching Sessions (for those that sign-up before end June)

What's the Structure?

  • Pre-Work (In advance of first session)
    • 1st Challenge: Send a 5 minute video of you talking on a topic you choose 
  • Week 1 – Define your Objective (60 mins)
    • 2nd Challenge: Define your one sentence objective for your 5min talk 
  • Week 2 – Structure Your Talk (60 mins)
    • 3rd Challenge: Define the one-page structure for your 5 min talk
  • Week 3 – Find Engaging Content (60 mins)
    • 4th Challenge: Collate content for your 5 minute talk
  • Week 4 – Create Visual Aids (60 mins)
    • 5th Challenge: Create visual aids for your 5 minute talk
  • Week 5 – Deliver with Confidence (60 mins)
    • 6th Challenge: Video yourself giving the 5 minute talk
  • Week 6 – Crush Limiting Beliefs (60 mins)
    • 7th Challenge: Reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Week 7 – Run Through + Feedback (90 mins)
    • 8th Challenge: In class run-through
  • Week 8 – How to embed this moving forward (Open Q&A)


What's the price?


This will be run for an introductory price of $695, after which the price will go up to $995.


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    and turn your fear into excitement

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