Want to be more engaging and persuasive when presenting at work? In a mid-level technical role? Then this Program is for you!


>> Starting Mon 20th July 2020 << 


    Is this you?

    When you present at work, do you generally talk in facts and figures? Do you take people through the details and logically step them through the content, but do so in a rather dry way? Do you potentially overuse PowerPoint and fail to take people on a journey with stories? Do you lack confidence in your abilities?

    I can totally relate, because this used to be me too!!!

    Would you like to know how to be relatable, captivating and  influential, each and every time you present? Would it be helpful to know what things you're doing, that might be inadvertantly killing the engagement with your audience? Would you like to maybe one-day give a talk outside work? 

    Imagine this playing out next time you present....

    - People truly get and relate to what you're presenting on (no puzzled looks)
    - The point you're making is crystal clear (no ambiguity)
    - People are curious and interested (not bored or checking their phone)
    - You motivate people to think or act differently as a result (yes real action!)
    - People are impressed by the way you've presented (your credibility goes up)
    - You enjoyed presenting too! (yehaaa)



      When starting out to improve my own public speaking, I learnt so much from observing and learning from others. Whether it was at Toastmasters or simply watching others present at an event. It gave me ideas for things I could pick-up, but also helped me to experience first hand what things failed to engage and influence me and how that felt.


      Running Group Programs for Corporates and Conferences also reinforced for me how powerful a group dynamic was, as I could see the clients I coached weren't just learning from me, they were also very much learning from each-other. 


      I've designed this Program for you to become more interesting, engaging and persuasive when presenting at work. To date I've coached more than 700 people across 7 countries and it's something I absolutely love! There's nothing better than helping someone transform the way they communicate and seeing how much happier it makes them as a result!


        • 8 x Weekly 60min Live Streams (incl. Q&A) 

        • 8 x Weekly Challenges

        • 8 x Weekly Coaching Hot-Seats

        • 6 x Downloadable Worksheets

        • 2 x Formal Speaker Assessments

        • Unlimited messages to me via Voxer App



        In this week we'll go through how to define the objective for your talk, with your audience at the centre.


        Getting clarity on your objective helps to ensure your audience can relate to and sees value in what you're presenting and that you have the best chance at truly influencing behaviour change.


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Define your objective.



        In this week we'll go through how you can use your voice and body to deliver a powerful message. 


        Your voice can be an incredible tool to draw people in and get them excited about what you're talking about. In addition, your body language gives off a vibe, whether you're aware of that or not!


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Record your talk twice. 


        In this week we'll cover how to structure your talk, including how to open and close in a strong way.


        Mapping out your structure first and in a visual form is essential to ensure it flows well and supports your objective. This helps to ensure your audience can follow and you can generate buy-in.


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Map out your structure.  



        In this week we'll go through how to reframe the limiting beliefs you have around presenting. 


        Becoming aware of the negative beliefs you hold about your potential as a presenter and reframing these are critical if you want to bust through to another level and not be holding yourself back!


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Reframe limiting beliefs. 


        In this week i'll share the ways you can creatively get your points across, including storytelling.


        You want to do this in a way that gets people curious  and interested in your topic, that has people intently listening to what you have to say and that provokes them to think and act differently as a result.


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Collate your  content. 



        This is where you will showcase everything you've learnt to the Group in  a 5 min presentation.


        The only way you can truly find out if you've understood all of the techniques is to put it all into practise. You will not only get formal feedback from me, but you'll get feedback from the others too.


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Present your talk to the Group.


        In this week we'll cover the different types of visual aids you can use and the pitfalls to avoid. 


        Good visual aids should provide another dimension to help your audience understand what you're talking about. They also serve to really help your audience retain what you've said long after your talk.


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Create your visual aids 


        8 - HOW TO EMBED IT ALL

        This is where we work through any remaining questions about how you embed this going forward. 


        I want you to be able to put my techniques into practise in as many scenarios as you will face once you've finished my program. So this is your chance to make sure you fully understand how they all apply!


        WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Commit to another talk after this!

          WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY ...

          My presentation went from very factual and instructive, to engaging and story driven.


          The feedback i've received has been awesome.


          Thanks Emily, I can honestly say you exceeded my expectations.


          Managing Dir., Missing Piece Data Analytics

          Emily is a wonderful speaking coach. I had the great fortune of her guidance and took the stage with a confidence and assuredness I had never thought possible.


          She immersed herself in my subject, and helped me bring simplicity and clarity to my message.


          I’m excited to have these new skills and to look forward to speaking opportunities – who would have thought!


          Journey Expert, Testing

          Emily's sessions were some of the best professional development experiences I've ever had in my career.


          I'm a much more confident public speaker because of her.


          I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone!


          Engagement Manager, Cyber Security

          Emily was amazing! She helped me to structure the speech, find supporting statistics as well as bring the whole speech together.


          Emily gave great advice on visuals and feedback on my tone of voice and body position.


          I was fully prepared, felt very empowered and much more confident. After my presentation, I received a lot of positive feedback and other professional opportunities.


          Founder & CEO, Markman Media

          If public speaking is important to you (and really it is to everyone!) you should get her help.


          Emily really focuses on you as a person, on your goals and where you are and takes you to the next level.


          It really made a difference for me.


          Software Engineer, Security

          The practical ideas and tips to keep the presentation interesting were the most valuable part for me during Emily’s coaching.


          Emily is an excellent storyteller, and her own stories motivated me to adopt and follow a structured process to build a presentation. 


          I learned new strategies to effectively summarise my idea, use storytelling to keep my presentation interesting and focus on the benefits to the audience.


          Info Security & Resilience, Cyber


          These are introductory prices and will go up after this!




          • 8 x Weekly 60min Live Streams + Q&A

          • 8 x Weekly Challenges
          • 8 x Weekly Hot-Seats
          • 6 x Core Modules + Worksheets 
          • 2 x Formal speaker feedback








          Everything in Regular option + these bonuses

          • 2 x 45min Private Coaching Sessions 
          • 'The Power of Stories' Masterclass
          • 'How to Become a Storyteller' Masterclass
          • Build your own Story-file Template 
          • 30 Storytelling Scenarios 




            Q: When will the Livestreams be run?

            A: The LiveStreams will be held on different days and times each week, mostly during business hours, to ensure that if someone has a clash over a certain day and time every week, that they can hopefully make the other session times.  Note every LiveStream will be recorded and made available the next day, so if you are not able to attend the sessions live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and also catch the replay later.


            Q: How many people will be in the Group Program?

            A: here will be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8. 

            Helping you give more interesting talks, magnify your influence and learn to enjoy presenting. 

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