Imagine being able to consistently engage an audience, truly influence outcomes and actually look forward to presenting.....


When you present, do you struggle to get your points across in a clear and compelling way? 


Do you fail to truly engage or influence your stakeholders?


Do you lack confidence in your abilities?


If you answered yes to any of these, there's no need for it to stay this way. Great speakers were not born like that. They learnt the skill of public speaking and you absolutely can too.


Let me show you how to become the speaker want to be

Does this resonate?


You need to do a presentation, so you reach straight for PowerPoint. You've presented on this before, so you piece together the slides, using some you already have at hand.


You methodically work through what you need to tell people and structure it out. It's pretty dry, but you work in Tech, so it can't be that interesting right?


When the time comes for you to present, you take people through the pack, talking to the slides as you go. You don't feel like it was an incredible presentation, but you don't feel like it was bad either. It was a good overview of the key details. People seemed to like it.


But something's niggling at you about the way you present. You just don't feel like it's that engaging. But you're just not sure how to make it more interesting or how to incorporate stories into what it is that you present on. 

Firstly, let me say I get where you're at, because I was there once too.


I used to present information in a very logical, methodical way. I had no idea about concepts such as engaging an audience, sharing a story or how to help people relate to and remember what I had said. I also dreaded presenting as I knew I wasn't any good at it and I didn't want to look silly.


However, I was determined to learn how to improve my speaking style and I put in the effort required to transform the way I presented. I spent years doing courses, attending Toastmasters, analysing TED Talks, reading books and presenting as much as I could to put it into practise. 


I went from dreading presenting and not having a clue, to getting paid to present and paid to teach others what I've learnt. All because I made a comittment to learn the art of presenting and storytelling.


That's how I know with absolute confidence that anyone can learn how to be a great presenter. 

Imagine this playing out next time you present....

>> People truly get and relate to what you're presenting on (no puzzled looks).


>> The point you're making is crystal clear (no ambiguity).


>> People are curious and interested (not bored or checked-out).


>> You motivate people to think or act differently as a result (yes real action!).


>> People are impressed by the way you've presented (your credibility goes up).


>> You enjoyed presenting too! (yehaaa).


Think about how different you'd feel if this was your new reality.


How it would impact your personal brand. What this might mean for the outcomes you get in your day job. What new opportunities might open up for you. 


Boost your ability to make an impact when you present, whether this is an informal update at work or a more formal presentation.




"I now have confidence that in any situation, I can give an impactful presentation that leaves an impression." - Jason H


"Now my approach to talking publicly is completely different." - Yasmin


"I have learned to just be me, be prepared, be confident, and to allow myself to connect with my audience as I talk." - Annette


"It totally transformed the way I now create presentations and how to present in front of an audience. This has boosted my confidence beyond what I thought was possible." - Jason F


"I’m excited to have these new skills and to look forward to speaking opportunities – who would have thought!" - Antony



  • 8 x 60min Live Streams (new topic each time) 

  • 2 x 90min Showcases (where you present)

  • 10 x Weekly Challenges (for you to complete)

  • 10 x Downloadable Worksheets (for you to keep)

  • Unlimited access to me via Slack (for any q's)



How to define a clear, audience centric objective, which will help your audience relate to and see value in what you're presenting and ensure you make a clear point.

> Challenge #1 - Define an objective for your 5-min talk.



How to map out your talk in a simple, visual way that will help your audience to follow along and help you to really generate buy-in.

> Challenge #2 - Map out the structure for your 5-min talk.



How to share your message in a way that's engaging and will get people curious and interested in your topic and intently listening to what you have to say. 

> Challenge #3 - Find engaging content for your 5-min talk. 



How you can use your voice and body to deliver a powerful message, that will draw people in and get them excited about what you're talking about.

> Challenge #4 - Tape yourself giving your talk and listen back to ensure it all flows well.  



How to visualise success, crush any limiting beliefs and silence your inner critic in order to get in the best possible mindset to deliver your talk with confidence. 

> Challenge #5 - Identify what success looks like for you and reframe any limiting beliefs.



Everyone will present their 5min talk and seek feedback from the Group on how clear the messaging is and how engaging the delivery is. 

> Challenge #6 - Present your talk to the Group and incorporate feedback.



How to use visual aids in a way that will best support your audience's understanding and retention of your talk and the engagement killers to avoid.  

> Challenge #7 - Design your essential visual aids (if any). 



Everyone will present their 5min talk one final time and seek feedback from the Group on how well the visual aids support the understanding of the messages.

> Challenge #8 - Present your talk to the Group and incorporate feedback.



I remember when I starting out to improve my own public speaking skills, how much I learnt so much from observing and learning from others.


Whether it was at Toastmasters or simply watching others present at an event. I got so many ideas for things I could pick-up, but also experienced first hand what things failed to engage and influence me and how that felt as an audience member.


So, in 2020, I created this Group Coaching Program as a way for people like you to learn how to be more impactful when you present, but do so in a fun environment, where you get to present in front of others. Not only putting your skills to practise, but being able to see how others present too. 



>> You're in the Technology industry in an entry to mid-level management role


>> You have to present at work or you want to move to a role where you will


>> You've previously focussed on your technical skills and not your soft skills


>> You're very knowledgable, but that doesn't come across when you present


>> You aren't sure how to land a message that all stakeholders can relate to


>> You share information, but aren't aware how to integrate a story into it 


>> You lack confidence when presenting and can't be the real you


>> You would like to maybe one-day give a talk outside work 

The next round will start in Sep 2021





  • 8 x 60min Live Streams (Value $776)

  • 2 x 90min Showcases (Value $194)

  • 10 x Workbooks + Challenges (Value $770)
  • Unlimited access to me via Slack (Value $495)










VALUE $2,235


The Bundle


Everything in Regular 


  • 2 x 45min Private Coaching Sessions (Value $694)
  • 2 x Formal Speaker Assessments (Value $197)
  • 'The Power of Stories' Masterclass (Value $197)
  • 'How to Become a Storyteller' Masterclass (Value $97)
  • Build your own Story-file Template (Value $47)
  • 30 Storytelling Scenarios (Value $97)




VALUE $3,564




I've personally helped 80+ people improve the way they present at work as well as prepping them for International Speaking gigs across Australia and around the world. This includes helping someone prep for a TEDx Talk and advising someone who delivered a 10,000 person Keynote. I've also run 40+ group sessions across 10+ Organisations, reaching more than 1000 people across the globe.




I've been officially head-hunted by 6 Conferences in Australia and the US to support their first-time and seasoned speakers as they prepped for their talks.




Q: Do you offer Payment Plans?

A: Yes, you can pay in 3 monthly installments, instead of an upfront payment if you'd prefer. It's setup via PayPal, so comes out automatically if that's the option you go with. 


Q: When will the Livestreams be run?

A: The LiveStreams will be held mostly during business hours and will be scheduled based on the best availability of that group. Note every LiveStream will be recorded and made available within 48hrs, so if you are not able to attend the sessions live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and also catch the replay later.


Q: How many people will be in the Group Program?

A: There will be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8. 

Helping you give more interesting talks, magnify your influence and learn to enjoy presenting. 

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