Want to know WHY storytelling is far more powerful

than facts and figures and HOW this can benefit you....? 


On a mid-week evening after work 5+ years ago, I attended my first Storytelling workshop in the Melbourne CBD and honestly it was a life changing experience for me.


Coming from a background in Pure Mathematics and Information Security, I used to talk in 'facts and figures'. As such I struggled to truly get my stakeholders on board when I would present.


Finding out about Storytelling was like learning about a super power. Something that could instantly make what I was saying relatable, that would actually be interesting to listen to and that could easily effect behaviour change seemed too good to be true. However, the more I delved into it, the more I realised just how incredible the power of storytelling is!


I want to ignite in you a love for storytelling, just like I have. I want you to become aware of this incredible super power, so that you can leverage it to better engage, and persuade your stakeholders.


Once you know just how powerful stories can be, you will never communicate in the same way again – whether that’s in a work meeting, for a formal presentation, in an interview and more.


This is for you if

  • You're curious about the power of storytelling and how it can be used
  • You normally focus on your technical skills, not on your soft skills 
  • You generally talk in facts and figures and technical jargon
  • You don't know how to best engage and influence stakeholders
  • You want to take your communication or public speaking to the next level


What's included

  • Why stories are more relatable than facts and figures

  • Just how memorable stories are and the science behind it

  • The incredible power stories have to influence change

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