Want to know HOW to actually start telling stories, so YOU can

better engage and influence people? 


After I attended my first Storytelling Workshop over 5 years ago, I was hooked! It prompted me to deep-dive into all things Storytelling and to be honest that thirst for more knowledge has never stopped!  


Over a period of a few years, I completed the Toastmasters Advanced Storytelling Series, I did a PIXAR Storytelling course, I read lots of books, I attended many Moth StorySLAM Events, I watched lots of TED Talks, I analysed and followed people that do this really well and then I started experimenting myself and telling stories. Then, I decoded and demystified everything I had learnt and came up with an approach that made sense and worked for me.


I've since taught these techniques to more than 300 people via Group Workshops i've run here in Australia, in India and in China. I coach clients privately on how to leverage storytelling and it's still the most commonly requested skill and my absolute favourite thing to teach. 


I now want to share the basics of storytelling with you, so that you can leverage it to better engage, and persuade you stakeholders.


Because once you start telling stories instead of always using facts and figures, you will drastically transform the way you communicate – whether that’s in a work meeting, a formal presentation, an interview, on social media and more.


This is for you if

  • You understand the power of storytelling
  • You want to know the basics so you can start telling stories today
  • You work in a corporate environment where you lead meetings or present 
  • You ready to start truly engaging and influencing your stakeholders!


What's covered

  • What defines a story and the basic structure of a story
  • A simple process to start telling stories
  • How to source an appropriate story
  • 3 common corporate storytelling scenarios
  • A challenge for you in the next week!


What's included?

  • 1 x Video Masterclass (for you to watch when it's convenient to you)

  • 1 x Reference Worksheet (for you to download and refer to at any time)

  • + 1 BONUS Storyfile Template (to help you become an everyday storyteller) 

  • + 30 BONUS Storytelling Scenarios (to increase how often you tell stories) 

    Helping you become a more interesting speaker and learn to enjoy it!

    © Copyrights by Emily Edgeley. All Rights Reserved.